Wednesday, June 30, 2010



Eli's Nan said...

I like the tiger story.
well done Eli.

Anonymous said...

Hi Eli!

Well done boy, keep up the good work with your reading.

Uncle Kiwi

Anonymous said...

Ka pai Eli!
Your Nan and Uncle are very proud of you.
I liked your story too!
Keep up the hard work. Read! Read! Read!

Whaea Roxie

caitlin said...

Well done eli, u geting very smart, i loved ur story.
lots of lov Cousin Caitlin, Cousin Hemana xooxo

Eli's Nan said...

When are you blogging again Eli?
I want to see more.

Eli's Nan said...

Cool story Eli. When are you blogging again?

Room A4 said...

Hello Eli's Nan,
Eli has not been at school this week. He must be sick we hope he is ok.

From A4

Anonymous said...

You have a imagination eli and i love the drawing keep it up.


Anonymous said...

Good work Monk ..
I must be the last to Ever visit ur blogs ..
lol well when u let me on that is ..
Cant wait to hear more of your stories ..
Eli's Mum