Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Hemakshi, Loveday and Maleeha's Bridge

Watch this video to find out how Hemakshi, Loveday and Maleeha made a bridge to help the Gingerbread Man get across the river and escape the fox.



Loveday's Mama said...

That bridge is amazing! What great engineers you are.

Anna, Kate and Freddy .Lovedays cousins said...

Your work is cool - Love the horse picture - and the brigde - Uncle Ian is going to make one like it on the farm.

Kai Seng said...

Ah Kong and I love the bridge you all helped make for the gingerbread man! We sure loved hearing how he walks over the bridge Loveday! We love you. From Narni and Ah Kong in Texas. xx

Jacky said...

Loveday what an amazing bridge you and your friends Hemakshi and Maleeha made. What a lot of thought you put into creating it. Kai pai
Aunty Jacky