Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Mind your own business Stu!

What has Stu been up to lately? More mischief... he has been getting very comfortable in his new environment. Maybe a little too comfortable!


Room A4 said...

That was a stinky and funny video. We know it was Stu! We liked the Pink Panther music. Why does Stu think that the bean bag is his toilet?

Anonymous said...

WOW A4, you kids are sooo... good at solving problems. Good on you, little secret agents.

Mrs Des Forges said...

Ooey pooey Stuey!

Anonymous said...

I heard about this rabbit,
his name is Stu,
he's a very naughty rabbit,
because he does his poo,
not in the dirt box,
or in the loo,
oh my goodness,
what are you going to do?

Mrs Compston said...

Dear Stu,
If you keep doing your business in the Bean Bag then I'm afraid that you may have to wear NAPPIES.
Our school cleaner Janice says NO MORE BUSINESS.
Mrs Compston
PS I think it might be Peanut not Stu!

D5 Dazzlers said...

What great detectives you are!!!

hayzel said...

use hast to stop pooingo on the bean beg .