Sunday, August 8, 2010

Oma Rapeti!

Watch this video to find out whether 
Miss Mac took Stu for a walk or...
if Stu took Miss Mac for a walk!!

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All things Great and Small said...

I think it was Stu taking me for a walk. I was very tired from running around after him! Maybe next time someone from A4 could take him for a walk.
From Miss Mac

Ms Mulrennan said...

Hi A4
I think that Stu is the boss. He is one tricky rabbit. Go to your pets page for more news about Stu.
Ms Mulrennan

Ms Mulrennan said...

Hi A4
We laughed and laughed when we saw Miss Mac taking Stu for a walk. The rabbit can run faster then Miss Mac. Ms Mulrennan says tha we can take Stu out today if we are sensible.
From A1

Room A4 said...

I like Stu because he is cute and I want to show my Mum.

From Ayush

Makaveli and eli and Theo said...

That was a good walk Stu with Miss Mac at the park.

Anonymous said...

I like that video. It was funny.
From Seth and Simon