Monday, August 30, 2010

The Pufferfish Comes to A4!

A3 let us  have a look at their pufferfish. It was very spiky and we had to hold it using a piece of string.

Here are some stories that Ayush, Sen Nay Pow and Rani wrote about pufferfish.


All things Great and Small said...

Hi A4. I loved your stories about the puffer fish. Do you think we will see one at Kelly Tarltons?
Miss Mac

Anonymous said...

Great stories, but now I am scared to go swimming this summer.

Room A4 said...

Hi A3, we did see a pufferfish at Kelly Tarltons and it was puffed up and very spiky! Did you see it too?

Miss Lepou said...

Great stories Rani, Ayush and Sen Nay Pow. You are getting very good at finding words and letters on your alphabet card to use in your writing.

Mrs Des Forges said...

Cool stories guys. Do you think the shark will get a sore stomach Rani?