Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The rabbit has arrived!!

Don't forget to check out our other page for more photos - PETS FOR A BLOCK - This will show you our pet updates. You will find this page on the right hand side of our blog.


Ms Mulrennan said...

Hi A4
Last night I sneaked into your room to invite rabbit to the PJ party but he was fast asleep and snoring...zzzzz! He must have been very tired.

Ayush said...

Thank you bunny. Bunny, why are you just running?

Mrs van Wijk said...

Hello A4. I hope you are remembering to be kind to your new rabbit. Please don't forget to leave him in his cage until after the weekend. This will help him to be happy in your classroom. I will come and visit him next week.

Anonymous said...

by Jack Prelutsky

Hip-hop hoppity, hip-hop hoppity,
the rabbit leaps, the rabbit bounds, His ears are long and soft and floppity,
they let him hear the slightest sounds.