Saturday, September 18, 2010

Duffy Hero Assembly

On Thursday, an author named Mr Mac came to our school. He came to talk to us about a book he has written called Doug the Digger. Mr Mac explained how he used to operate heavy machines but after his arm was crushed between a building and a truck, he had to find a new career.

To welcome Mr Mac to Papatoetoe East School, our kapahaka group performed for the first time this year! They were very nervous.

Mr Mac showed us his
scrapbook of
 and ideas for his story

Josephine and Ta'a helped
Mr Mac read his story. They
were very brave

We sang the Duffy song for Mr Mac and he danced with Mrs Compston and Areyanna!


Ms Mulrennan said...

I enjoyed the Duffy Assembly on Thursday. The Kapahaka group were nervous because it was their first performance this year, but they did very well. My favourite part was when Mr Mac danced with Mrs Compston and Areyanna! I think they should go on Dancing with the Stars. What was your favourite part A4?

Room A4 said...

Our favourite part was when Mrs Compston and Mr Mac danced together. We also enjoyed the kapahaka group!

Areyanna said...

Hi A4
I liked dancing with Mr Mac at the assembly, that is why I had a big smile on my face. I liked the Kapahaka group too.

Aisea and Paki said...

We liied the boys doing the haka and the singing at the Assembly.

Sharon said...

I liked your haka and I would like to be a dancer like you guys.

Eli said...

I liked the kapahaka because it was good and I liked watching the boys.

Helen said...

Tau ke! Ka pai tamariki ma.

Anonymous said...

Hey Ricki, great haka little cuzzie! From Jess

Miss Lepou said...

I thought the kapahaka group did a great job! Especially the boys because you were missing two of your leaders and you decided to do the haka anyway!

A1 children said...

Hi A4
We love the kapahaka group's performance on your blog. We are using it to learn the haka. Ms Mulrennan said that next term the kapahaka group can teach us how to do it. Would you like to join us?