Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Duffy Theatre!

On Friday we had more special visitors! The Duffy Theatre Company came to our school to put on a show.

A4 thought the show was hilarious and some of us wanted to write stories about the show when we got back to the classroom. Here is a video of Hayden, Makaveli, Sharon, Hayzel and Loveday sharing their stories.



Jacky said...

Hello Loveday, it must have been great to have the Duffy theatre company to visit you at school. It must have been a great show after listening to all your comments. Have a great holiday everyone. I will be looking forward to hearing about all your activities next term.
Aunty Jacky

Room A4 said...

Thanks Jacky, we are all looking forward to the holidays!

Ayush said...

It was so fun in the Duffy Show.

Alice said...

I like your blog A4 because we liked the song and the pictures and your talking.

hayzel said...

I liked when Duffy turned the wheel.