Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Today we planted some strawberries in our new garden bed!

 First, we dug holes.
Another strawberry plant
ready for planting.
Here is one of the
strawberry plants.

We put the plants
in the holes.

 ... and gave them some
special food

 Lastly, we watered the plants...
Here is a story by Loveday. Listen carefully to find out what creature might try to eat our strawberries!


Miss Lepou said...

You are right Loveday. We will have to watch carefully to make sure there are no birds or insects trying to steal our strawberries. Maybe we need to make a scarecrow for our garden!

Wendy said...

Hi A4
Yes watch out. The blackbirds ate my strawberries in the back of my garden.

Chih-Li said...

You can put a net on to keep the birds away.

Loveday said...

I promise i will look for Birdds.

Yaashna said...

I agree you keep your eye out for birds.I hope all your strawberries grow juicy.

Rebecca said...

Hi A4
You should watch that no birds come and eat it.chih-Li and wendy are right.

learnforlife said...

What great information about Strawberries. I can see that you have lots of fun and do heaps of learning at your school. :)

katie said...

your picture was good.

yvon said...

l liked your story.

Cassandra Steele said...

Hi, A4!
My name is Cassandra Steele, and I am from the University of South Alabama in Mobile, Alabama, USA. I am taking a type of computer class where we get to connect with people all over the world.

It looks like all of you guys had fun planting your strawberries. It's always fun to have a good time with friends. Good luck, and I hope your strawberries turn out to taste really sweet. Thanks for the pictures. I liked reading your post and looking at your pictures and video.

Room A4 said...

Hi Mrs Steele
Thank you for your comment. Our strawberry plants are growing well but we are still waiting to see some strawberries. We have only seen one so far.