Sunday, November 21, 2010

Amazing Apes!

After the arrival of Nanas, we decided we wanted to know more about apes. The Ladybugs reading group have read books about chimpanzees and orangutans. Here is a video of the Ladybugs sharing what they learnt.

Do you know any facts about chimpanzees or orangutans that would like to share? Please leave a comment, we would love to know more.


All things Great and Small said...

Hi Frogs, it sounds like you know a lot about chimps already! Did you know that chimpanzees eat small animals? Sometimes they even eat monkeys!
Miss Mac

Toto and Rushil C1 said...

Nice reading A4.

Nanas said...

Great information Frogs group! You have learnt a lot about chimpanzees and orangutans. Did you know that they are very intelligent animals. If an orangutan wants to go into water, it will use a stick to test the water's depth!

Stu the rabbit said...

Really Nanas? I think apes are very intelligent. But, not as clever as rabbits!