Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Feline Frenzy

The kittens have arrived at Papatoetoe East! Aren't they cute? They are sisters. We went to visit them today. They are living next to Mrs Compston's office.

Here are some stories about the kittens by Eli, Mihi, Theodore and Ayush. 

What do you think their names should be? Leave us a comment.


Stu the rabbit said...

Hi A4
It is really nice to hear that you have some new kittens. But please don't forget about me. I know I can be a little bit naughty, but I try to be good.

Nanas said...

Wow, your stories were really good! I like cats but only small ones. Big cats like tigers and leopards can climb trees and eat baby monkeys and apes. I would like to name the kittens chimpanzee and orangutan. What do you think?

Love from Nanas

Miss Lepou said...

Fantastic stories. You are getting so good at reading your stories onto the blog. I think we should name the kittens Spongebob and Gary!

D5 Dazzlers said...

Great stories! Eli, are you saying Mr Hei Hei squashed the kittens??? We are worried!

Ms Nola

Helen said...

What imaginative stories and read so well.
I don't believe the kittens are naughty either Ayush, they were probably just playing.
How can you tell the kittens apart they look like twins to me.

All things Great and Small said...

Hi A4, I am so happy the kittens have arrived. I agree that we should call one of the cats spongebob, but maybe the other one should be called Patrick. Ayush, your story made me laugh! Why can't you believe the kittens were being naughty? What were they doing?
Miss Mac

Learning Together said...

We love your beautiful new kittens. Will they stay in your room or are they for the whole school? We had a vote and we think your kittens should be called - Bella and Daisy! We brainstormed some names and voted - Bella was the most popular name!
We can't wait to see more of your cute kittens.
From Prep K and Mrs Kennedy

Room A4 said...

Hi Prep K and Mrs Kennedy
What lovely names you have thought of. Bella sounds very nice. The kittens are for the whole school. When they are old enough, they will be free to walk around the school. The office now has a special cat door for the kittens. The kittens will wear a special collar that will make the cat door open automatically.
Thank you for your name suggestions.

MrsWatson said...

Here are some ideas from the Springston Explorers

Percy and Tom - Maya
Minty and Sparkleworks - Kaylee
Sharky and Dit - Isaac
Spinky and Perky - Estee
Chocolate and Bananas - Zac
Jazz and Bumpy - Sammy
Kiki and Lovegood - Jack
Tom and Bumpy - Chloe
Maui and bowie - Elan
Hot chocolate and Tom cat - Sophie

Wally thinks Stripy and Kitty would be good names!

Makaveli said...

I like Elis story because HOW come he knows how to write his own story?

Room A4 said...

Hi Springson Explorers
Thank you for you name suggestions, they were very funny! We really liked the names Jack thought of - Kiki and Lovegood!

Primrose said...

I think the cats should be called Rainbow Sweet Cat and Sweet Catty.

Rachael said...

I just read that the kittens were born on the first of September. Loveday's Nana was born on the first of September and she has a twin sister too!!!! So therefore, the sister cats should be named after them...Cecily and Jacquelin!!!!