Friday, November 26, 2010

Tofa Soifua Nanas!

Today was Nana's last day at Papatoetoe East School. She is flying back to Room 8 in Springston, Christchurch tomorrow. So A3 and A4 decided to have a farewell party for Nanas. Here is a video of the party!

Here are some stories that Alofa, Rani and Sen Nay Pow wrote about Nanas leaving.


Learning Together said...

What amazing fun you have had with Nanas. He now has so many new friends - I'm sure he will miss you too. Great stories! Are you excited about Wally coming home? He will have so many adventures to share.
From Prep K and Mrs Kennedy

Nanas said...

I am going to miss you guys so much! I had a great party. My favourite part was eating the banana split. What was your favourite part?

MrsWatson said...

Wow! What a fabulous farewell for Nanas!
Wally was sad to leave his new friends in Christchurch but is excited to see you all again.
He gave each Room 8 kid a kiss as they left school on Friday afternoon.
He got lots of hugs and kisses too.
We hope you like reading the stories children wrote when they took Wally home for the night.
From Mrs Watson

Tupua T said...

nanas is going to be missed but i know she will leave you with great memories. When she gets back home she will be able to watch this video and remember her great memories with all of you talented kids.

nana has to split like a banana.

Helen said...

I liked your stories, Alofa did you really get on the plane?
I don't think Nanas will ever forget you guys in A4 after that great party.
Bye Bye Nanas.

Alofa said...

My favourite was playing tug of war.

Hemakshi said...

My favourite part of the party was finding the banana cards.

Hayzel said...

I liked when we ate the banana split.

Eli said...

My favourite part was when the boys won the tug of war.

Avish said...

I liked the spoon race and the tug of war.

Destiny and Lolo said...

Goodbye Nanas. We hope you had
a fun day with your party. We hope you eat some vegetables when you get back to Christchurch.
From Destiny and Lolo - A1

Makaveli said...

Nanas really liked the banana split and she was having fun with Eli on the tug of war.

Room 3 said...

Hi Room A4,

We liked how you spoke loud and clearly. We liked your song. Our Teacher, Miss Paton comes from Christchurch and may meet Nanas in her travels or she could wave to him on the plane.


Room 3 Panmure Bridge School

Anonymous said...

We like that video. We hope that Nana's will come and visit our school soon.
From A7

Anonymous said...

We missed Nanas when he was away - Lucy

It looked like he was having fun - Maya

It looked like you all were having fun! - Regan

How much fun did you have doing the egg and spoon race? - Jack

I want to do a tug o war! - Elan

I hope you had fun! Issac and Estee

Nanas did you have fun playing tugowar? Superstar sammy

Room A4 said...

Hi Room 8
Thank you for your comments. We had so much fun at the farewell party. We had a lot of fun racing Jack, but our favourite game was the tug of war. We hope Nanas gets back to you safely.

Helen said...

Eli, when the boys won! I saw a lot of girls on your team and they looked pretty strong to me.

Tui and Nick said...

I like the song because it is cool. Your party looked exciting.

Aiesha,Alfonso and Shivaansh from C1 said...

Look's like lots of fun A4 can we join in.