Wednesday, November 3, 2010

What is it?

On Monday, the Frogs reading group read a book called Tails and Claws. It is a puzzle story. So the Frogs had a go at making their own puzzle stories. Can you guess their animal?


All things Great and Small said...

We liked your puzzle stories! We thought Loveday's and Maleeha's animal was a bear but it was a cat!
From A4

Room A4 said...

We really liked the puzzle stories you created. It took us a while to figure out what the animals were. We can tell that you are getting very good at reading!

Helen said...

Your puzzle stories were very good and your descriptions were great.
Can you guess this animal.
It is tall with long legs and big teeth and it can run fast like the wind.

Room A4 said...

Hi Helen
We think it could be a...
cheetah (Amy and Mihi)
giraffe (Loveday)
lion (Hemakshi)
horse (Theodore)
hippopotamus (Makaveli)
zebra (Avish)

Please let us know

Theodore said...

That is a cool animal.

Helen said...

Good guessing, you guys know about lots of animals. Theodore is right it is a horse.

Mrs Des Forges said...

I liked your stories. Your descriptions were great. I was glad one of the animals was a tiger. Tigers are my favourite animal.

Ms Mulrennan said...

A4 we got tricked by some of your what is its. We have got one for you - see if we can trick you.
It is small and round like a ball but do not bounce it because it has spikes.
From A1

Room A4 said...

Hi A1
Those were great clues. We think it must be a hedgehog or a pufferfish!

Ms Mulrennan said...

Hi A4
You have almost guessed it. To help we will give you another clue. Sometimes it gets squashed by a car.
A1 tricksters

Room A4 said...

Oh! Thank you for the extra clue! It must be a hedgehog.

Jacky said...

Hello Loveday
What a great description about your animal. Guess what I thought it was a cat.
Aunty Jacky