Sunday, December 5, 2010

The Octopus

We love reading non-fiction books in A4, especially stories about animals. Last week, the Penguins reading group read a book called The Octopus. Here is a video of what they learnt.



Room A4 said...

Well done Penguins! You have found a lot of interesting information. Did you know that octopuses have 3 hearts?

Miss Lepou

Helen said...

How interesting. I learnt alot of new things about octupuses from your video.I think squids spray ink to protect themselves to, maybe they are cousins.

Kind Kids said...

Way to go, Penguins! We learned about the octopus from listening to you on your video and from Miss Lepou's comment. We love to read nonfiction books, also. Have you read the Owen and Mzee books? We think you would like them.

Keep up the great learning!

The Kind Kids

C1 said...

You have learnt a lot about the octopus. We have a fantastic book and dvd about the octopus. would you like to borrow it?

Room A4 said...

Hi C1
We would love to borrow your book and dvd! Thank you.

Room A4 said...

Hi Kind Kids
We have not read the Owen and Mzee books, we will have to check them out. Thank you for letting us know!

Room A4 said...

Hi C1
Thank you for lettting us borrow the Octopus book and dvd. We loved it. We were very interested in the Mimic Octopus.

C1 said...

hello A4 we have already learnt about the octopus have three hearts have you learnt about it now