Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Strawberry Thief!

Our plants are growing so fast! We are starting to see a lot of strawberries. On Tuesday, we saw our first big red strawberry. But when we went back later to have a look, it was gone! 

Our strawberries growing
The broken stalk where
the strawberry was stolen!
Here are stories about the strawberry thief written by Osama, Eli and Hayzel. Eli and Osama think the new kittens will keep the strawberry thief away! This is Osama's first video!


Helen said...

Congratulations! Wow I love your stories and you all read them so well. Awesome Osama
I met the kittens on Tuesday and they are so cute, but do you think they might have eaten the strawberry????

All things Great and Small said...

I was very sad to see that our strawberry had been taken! I hope the cats will look after our garden, I think I saw them practicing their thief catching leaps in the garden by the office. Hopefully they will be ready to catch the thief soon. Well done Osama, your first video was great!

Alofa said...

I think it was the birds when we were sleeping.

Loveday said...

Maybe Mrs Mulrennan took it!

Theodore said...

I think it was Mrs Compston.

Hemakshi said...

I think that the cats used their claws to get the strawberries and went somewhere to hide and they ate the strawberries!

Hayzel said...

I think Mrs Clark ate it!

Thavorin and Pranita said...

Wow your strawberry is nice.May be Stew ate it.

Ms Mulrennan said...

Hi A4. I think you are barking up the wrong tree, I did not take the strawberry Loveday, even though I do like to eat them. But I did see the kittens sharing something red and juicy yesterday. I wonder if . . .?

Mrs Compston said...

Dear A4
I did not take your strawberry and I am very sure about that. I am allergic to strawberries and come out in a red rash on my left arm if I ever eat strawberries. Last time I tried one I got a BIG red pimple right on the end of my nose. I hope you get more strawberries to grow.

savanya said...

Hi A4
Maybe a class came and saw it and the saw the strawberry and really wanted to eat it so they picked it and ate it but please don't think it is C1 that ate it.

Mrs Compston said...

Who stole the strawberry from the strawberry patch?

Lina stole the strawberry from the srawberry patch.
Who me ?
Yes you !
Couldn't be !

Then who stole the strawbwberry from the strawberry patch ?

Kind Kids said...

Hello A4!

What a mystery this must have been! Did you discover who the strawberry thief was? We can hardly wait to find out.

Your pals,
Kind Kids

Room A4 said...

Who stole the strawberry from the strawberry patch?

Mrs Compston stole the strawberry from the strawberry patch!

Who me?
Yes you!
Couldn't be!

Then who stole the strawberry from the strawberry patch?