Thursday, July 14, 2011

The Lion King

We had to use our tickets to
get into the movies
Last Friday, A4 and A3 finished off their study of lions with a special screening of The Lion King.  
We used plastic money
 to buy lollies and popcorn

We sat down to watch the movie

Here are illustrations and stories by Crystalive and Tuan about their experience.




Leilah said...

I liked Tuan's story because he was standing still.

Avantika said...

Crystalive read her story fast, but she was moving around too much.

George said...

Did you eat all of your pop-corn?

Amalani said...

Did you finish the pop-corn?

Rohit said...

Did you like eating the pop-corn?

Ofa said...

I ate all the pop-corn until it was finished.

Nancy said...

I ate all my pop-corn.

Avantika said...

That was a funny Tuan story