Friday, August 12, 2011

Lion Paintings

Here is a slideshow of the lions we painted.


Miss Mac said...

The lions look fantastic A4! Well done.

Kind Kids said...

Hello Room A4!

Your lions are fabulous! Did you paint your backgrounds first, and then make your lions, or the other way around? Did you read about lions or research them?

You are accomplished artists!

We will be starting school in 2 weeks. I am getting our room ready and am very excited to meet the new Kind Kids.

I will check back in to see what you are learning about soon!

Have fun!
Mrs. S

Ms Mulrennan said...

I went to see your lions today they are amazing, I was a bit frighened because they look so real, I thought they would bite me.

A4 check out your mosaics on the A block walls - they look awesome.

Room A4 said...

Hi Kind Kids!
We can't wait to see your new class. Yes, we painted our backgrounds first and then our lions. We did a lot of research about lions.

Room A4 said...

The lions look great hanging up in the classroom!

Miss Lepou

Savanya said...

What wonderful lions. I hope they do'nt eat me. AHHHHH!!!!!