Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Rainy Day, By Merciful

Merciful is an amazing artist. Here is a picture that she drew for her story.

And here is Merciful sharing her story.


Anonymous said...

Your picture was funny when I watched it.


Anonymous said...

I liked Merciful's picture because it was nice and there was lots of things in her picture like butterflies.


Anonymous said...

I like Merciful's picture because its good and nice.


Ashley said...

Did you get wet in the rain?

Rohit said...

Did you have a raincoat on in the rain?

Sandy said...

Did you share the raincoat?

Room 14 said...

Merciful, I just love your drawing. You are a clever artist putting so much detail into the picture.
Keep up the good work.
Mrs Eden anbd Room 14

moni said...

Merciful what great picture. you have put alot of detail into it. I hope you did'nt get wet with your sister. What did you play inside ? I bet your house is warm.

Kevin C1 said...

the story was short but i still like the story and i dont like rainy days