Sunday, October 9, 2011

Stories by Sawanpreet and Tuan

Here are two stories written and illustrated by Sawanpreet and Tuan.

I am going to the house. I can see a mouse hiding on the tree.
By Sawanpreet

I got scared by the monster. The monster ate me.
By Tuan


Learning Together said...

Hello A4!
Two great stories Sawanpreet and Tuan! How did you draw your pictures? They are very colourful.
We are starting back at school tomorrow. Are you on holidays now? Are you very excited about the RWC?
From your friends Prep K and Mrs Kennedy

Room A4 said...

Hi Preps! Thank you for your comments. We hope you had a good holiday. We are very excited about the rugby world cup! We made the pictures using the computer program "paint". We are getting very good at using it.

Miss Lepou said...

Well done Tuan and Sawanpreet, your illustrations are fantastic. We have been working very hard to make sure our illustrations match our stories.