Tuesday, July 31, 2012

A4 No More!

Our new computer pod
Not only have we moved into a new classroom, but we have a new name. We used to be A4 and now we are B6! There is a new class in A4. Here are some photos of our new classroom all set up.

Shane on our new Mimio!


Learning Together said...

Hello B6!
Your new classroom is amazing! How lucky you are to have such great learning spaces.

What do you enjoy the most about your new classroom?

I think I would like to have your cosy couch in my classroom - then I could have an afternoon sleep everyday! The Preps would love that.

Have fun,

From Mrs Kennedy and Prep K

B4 said...

Hi B6, how is your new class? B4 is enjoying the new class. Do you like using the mimio board?

Phinaroath said...

I like the pictures because they are pretty.

Room B6 said...

Hi Mrs Kennedy and Prep K
We love our new classroom. The computers are great and the mimio helps us learn. Sometimes we go to sleep on the couch.

Room B6 said...

I like the new toilets because they are very good.

Soane said...

I like the new mimio board.

Gavin said...

I like the new computers.

MrsWatson said...

Hi B6!
How big is your classroom?
Did you have to move all your stuff?
Are you having a nice time?
Do you like your new classroom?
What does your classroom look like?

Have a good time in your new classroom!

From the Springston Explorers

Helen said...

New name, new classroom aren't you guys lucky. It must be nice looking out at the playground. If I come and visit one day will you show me how you use the mimio board?

Room B6 said...

Hi B4, we love using our Mimio board! We can see our blog on a big screen!

Room B6 said...

Hi Springston Explorers! Thank you for asking us some questions.
Our classroom is very big, much bigger than our old classroom. It took us a long time to move all of our stuff and a lot of people helped us.
We love our new classroom because it looks nice with the big windows looking out onto the playground.