Wednesday, October 17, 2012


We have been using a new application on the iPad called SonicPics. Yesterday, Maddison and Kanye had a go at creating a slideshow. They took three photos each and had to add audio to their pictures to create a slideshow. 

Now they will have to teach others how to use SonicPics.


Melville Intermediate, Hamilton, Waikato. said...

Miss Lepou
I really like the two videos of your students demonstrating the Ipad. I really love the fact that your students are going to teach the rest of the class how to do the slideshows as well, what a great post and nice to see the photographs inside your classroom. The tent looks like a great reading space.
Mr Webb and Room Five, Melville Intermediate, Hamilton, Waikato.

Room 4 said...

We loved watching your Sonic Pics videos. We liked finding out about your classroom and your school. We think your playground looks like a good place to play.
I like going on the big slide. By Caylee
I like going on the monkey bars. By Raedence
I like going on the spinning thing. By Darryl and Cruz

From Room 4

Ms Mulrennan said...

Maddison and Kanye I am very impressed with what you did with SonicPics. I really want to learn how to use it. I know that you are the class experts so can you please teach me?

Kanye said...

I like when I took photos of Maddison on the iPad because it was fun.

Natalia said...

I liked their talking because it was great.

Nataria said...

Did you have fun making the things you did in SonicPics.

Naki said...

I liked how they were talking nicely and not talking too slow.

Nataria said...

Dear Kanye did you had fun in the sun with Maddison and. Was good with you to and i liked how you put the words together with Maddison

Room B6 said...

Wow Nataria, what a great comment! It is really good to see you leaving comments for your friends after school.

Miss Lepou

Learning Together said...

Hi Miss Lepou and B6

My Preps are learning to use the iPad too and I am very excited about showing them your Sonic Pic videos! They will enjoy making their own slideshows. We have been using the ShowMe app but you can only take one photo. Thanks for sharing!

From Mrs Kennedy

Melville Intermediate School Room5 said...

hi my name is kayla and i love our you things it is one of the best so far meiville intermedaint new zealand