Monday, September 6, 2010

Bunny on the Runny!!

On Friday morning, we came back from the library and Stu was gone! Watch this video to find out where he went and what he got up to.

What do you think Stu will do on his holiday? Leave us a comment.


Anonymous said...

Sorry we tricked you A4 but we really wanted Stu to come to our room for a holiday. At first he was a bit scared but now he is calm and eating his food. We can hear him crunching his carrot. We will llet you know how he is doing.
From A1

Room A4 said...

A1 were lying to us!! We think Stu will run away again so watch out. Maybe when A1 goes to the library we might sneak in and grab Stu...hehehe

A3 said...

A1 is naughty! They tricked A4. We hope A1 has fun with Stu.

From A3

Parmvir and Tafao said...

A4 we are looking after Stu very well and keeping him safe. We think he is missing A3 and A4 so you can come and visit him.

Helen said...

I think Stu phoned and e-mailed A1 to come and get him, they must have promised him some goodies!

A! children said...

Hi A4
Yesterday we had a lovely day with Stu. We took him running and he dug a big hole very fast in the garden. We gave him green cabbage leaves from our garden to eat and he gobbled them up. He is enjoying his holiday with us. Thanks for letting him come.
From A1

Helen said...

I think it's pretty funny,
that A1 took the bunny,
That crazy little rabbit,
has a very bad habit,
They won't be very happy,
cause he doesn't wear a nappy,
They won't want to look,
when he chews up their book,
They won't want to laugh,
when he eats the teacher's scarf,
So they better give him back,
before he has a snack!

Room A4 said...

It sounds like Stu is having a lot of fun! Are you letting him run around? Has he eaten any of your books?

Room A1 said...

Hi A4
We love having Stu in our classroom. At reading time we let him run around. He is very good but he does lots of poos which we have to clean up! He hasn't eaten any of our books he just reads them. Stu is still very calm in our room and he tells us he likes it here. Can we keep him till Friday? Please, please. . . . Stu is listening and he is nodding.
From A1

Room A4 said...

Oh that makes us feel a little bit sad. Maybe Stu doesn't want to come back. Yes of course you can have him until Friday. Tell Stu that we will have a big treat for him when he comes back.

Room A4 said...

Thank you Helen for your poem. You made us laugh! Maybe you could write your own poem book!

Ms Mulrennan said...

Please don't feel sad, A4. Stu loves being in A1 but he is missing you a lot. I told him that he is going back home on Friday and you are planning a treat. It better be a good one because he is very excited.

Stu said...

I am very excited because today I am coming home. I have had a lovely week in A1 but I have missed you guys and can't wait to see you. I have promised A1 kids that I will come back for another holiday soon.
Love Stu

Stu said...

By the way A4, I can't wait to see what my treat is!

hayden C4 said...

Were was a4 ,who was the first one to find him ?

A7 said...

WE were scared when Stu was lost.