Monday, September 6, 2010

Squidward Leaves Bikini Bottom!

As part of our Under the Sea study, A3 and A4 got to see a real squid. The children were scared to touch it at first. Here is a video of the children touching the squid.

Later in the day, we dissected the squid to look at its body parts.

This is the squid's beak inside its mouth. The beak is for biting food into small pieces.

We cut off the squid's fins. Squids use their fins for swimming.

This is Ayush holding a tentacle. Squids have 2 large feeding tentacles and 8 shorter tentacles (arms).

This is one of the squid's teeth. The teeth are found at the ends of the two large feeding tentacles.

Look at the squid's eye. A squid has two very large eyes.


Mrs Kelly said...

What an interesting thing to do! Was it smelly? Ayush I was wondering what the tentacle felt like - was it sqishy? Fantastic pictures, A4!

All things Great and Small said...

It was interesting cutting up the squid, A3 liked looking at the teeth on the tentacles. They looked like mini sharks teeth.
Miss Mac

Room A4 said...

Hello Mrs Kelly, thank you for your comment. I thought the tentacle looked like a boa constrictor.

from Ayush

Hemakshi said...

Inside the squid's tummy it was very yucky.

Eli said...

It was yucky touching the squid!

Hayden said...

I saw the squid's brain inside its eye.

Room 3 said...

Hi Room A4,

The picture of the eyeball looked scary. We were saying uuuuh yuck and made us feel queasy looking at those fun pictures. It has definitely got us talking.

From Room 3 PBS

Room A4 said...

Hi Room 3
The squid made us feel very queasy especially the smell. Some of us could still smell the squid on our hands at the end of the day!

Rachael said...

Watching that gave Loveday and I a craving for crispy fried squid, so we are going to go to Yum Char on Sunday and eat some!! YumYum.

Melville Room 8 said...

What a great idea! I have only just found your blog and I love it so much I think the idea to have the students examine the squid is a very good, but also probably a very smelly idea! Great to see the photographs posted on your blog so you can share your learning with others.
Mr Webb, Room 8, Melville Intermediate School, Hamilton, Waikato


intresting A4 THAT WAS AMAZING