Friday, September 10, 2010

Terrified Turtles

Today we have been talking about turtles. We tried hiding our heads and arms - just like a turtle retracts its limbs to protect itself from predators!

Here is a video of Theodore, Alofa, Hayzel and Loveday sharing their knowledge about sea turtles.


Room 13 said...

Wow! You know a lot about turtles. I have only seen a turtle once. It was in a big glass fish tank in Napier. Have you seen a turtle?

Mr F.
Room 13
Glenview School

Money, Snow, Bubble and Maple said...

I saw a turtle in the Beijing Aquarium in the zoo. This baby was touching the flipper and shell. (I don't think he was supposed to)There were many kinds of sea creatures. Like beluga whales. I have never seen them before in NZ.

Elizabeth Lu
Papatoetoe East room C6

All things Great and Small said...

Hi A4,
I loved listening to you talk about the turtles. Why do the little turtles have to watch out for seabirds?
Miss Mac

Jacky said...

Hello Loveday and friends what wonderful information you are gaining about turtles. You do have a lot of exciting activities going on in your class.

Aunty Jacky

Room A4 said...

Thank you for your comment Elizabeth. We are amazed that you have seen a real beluga whale!


cool A4

Room A4 said...

Hi Mr F and Room 13, thank you for your comment. Some of us have seen turtles at the zoo!

Room A4 said...

Sea turtles have to watch out for birds because they grab the turtles with their beaks when they are trying to run to the sea.

hayen said...

That was so cool A4