Sunday, September 12, 2010

Welcome Back Stu!

On Friday, Stu arrived back to A4 from his holiday in A1. A1 must have kept him busy because he was very tired. We picked lots of cabbage from our garden and fed it to him. To see more photos, go to our pets page.


sharisse tito said...

a1 must have kept stu working hard while he was tired.Stu must have been tired

Room A4 said...

We are so happy to have Stu back. He has been pooing everywhere and eating a lot of paper and carrots!

A1 children said...

Hi A4
We are pleased that Stu is happy but we miss him a lot. In our room he ate a lot of carrots and paper and on the last day he ate Tafao's T shirt! We think that Stu would like another little holiday with A1. Can you ask him?
Who is going to look after Stu in the holidays?

Room A4 said...

Hi A1
Stu has been so tired since he got back. Last night when all of the children had gone home, Stu told me that he really misses A1. He said that he likes it when you are doing reading and he gets to run around the classroom and listen to your stories! Of course he can come to your classroom for a holiday!

Room A1 said...

Hi A4
We miss Stu too, even though he poos a lot. Thanks for letting us take him for a holiday next week. Can we pick him up on Tuesday and keep him until Thursday? We want to see him digging in the ground again. We think he is digging for treasure.