Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Snail Trails

Here is Mihi holding a snail.
Look at its tentacles.
As part of our Minibeast study we have been looking very closely at snails. We are even keeping some snails in our class as pets!

We picked cabbage from our
garden to feed the snails.

Here is Rani getting some 
cabbage for the snails.
The snails eat their cabbage.
The Frogs group read a story about snails today. After they read the book, they had to draw and label the body parts of a snail. Here are their pictures. Use the magnifying glass to get a closer look.


Miss Mac said...

Hi A4, A3 love having the snails as pets too. I thought your drawings of the snails were great and you labled them well. I only just learnt that a snails body is called a foot.

Room A4 said...

We know that snails lay eggs and they make slimy trails on the floor. Snails are slimy and they slide onto rocks. They are very sticky.

Learning Together said...

Fantastic snail pictures A4! Do you know how snails smell? They are very interesting minibeasts. Do you have names for your pet snails? Have a great day.
From Prep K and Mrs Kennedy

Tupua T said...

Did you know that people in France cook and eat snails? I've never tried land snails but I don't mind cooked sea snails.

There once was a snail named Tevey,
Who complained 'cause his shell was too heavy.
One day he raced Stu on the dew near the loo,
But ended up under my shoe - poor Tevey.

Room A4 said...

Hi Prep K
We know that snails smell with their two smaller tentacles and they also taste food with them. We don't have names for the snails yet, but you have given us a good idea.

Helen said...

I don't like snails but I like your pictures. How many snails do you have?

Hemakshi said...

I like your picture Maleeha.

Theodore said...

I like your picture Makaveli.