Saturday, October 16, 2010

Worm Farm

As part of our Minibeasts study, we now have a worm farm in our classroom. We will be feeding our worms food scraps and they will turn our rubbish into fertiliser that we can use on our new garden beds!

This is our worm farm.

Here are the worms eating.

Amy is putting bread crusts
 into the special container.
Ayush is putting his banana skin
into the 'worm food' container.
Hemakshi is feeding the 
worms bread crusts.
Here is a video of Hemakshi and Makaveli sharing their stories about worms.


Mr Wood said...

You have such a fun classroom and I love your worm farm. I have one at home too and the worms help turn my food scraps into good soil.

Learning Together said...

Hello Miss Lepou and A4!
How lucky you are to have a worm farm in your classroom. Last term we learnt about worms and how we can reduce rubbish by feeding our food scraps to the worms. Then they make the soil healthy for plants to grow. What are you growing in your new garden?
From Prep K and Mrs Kennedy

Tupua T said...

There once was a worm named buddy,
Who loved to eat scraps and get muddy.
He wiggled and whistled a tune as he dribbled,
Then sparrow flew down for her take-away nibble.
That's why I said was - not is in this poem.
It would have been great if you all got to know him.

Awesome worm farm, I really like your stories too. You guys have improved a lot in your reading skills.
Malo and keep it up.

Miss Lepou said...

Well done Hemakshi and Makaveli! You wrote fantastic stories. You are right Makaveli, the worms will make a special juice that we will use on our garden.

All things Great and Small said...

Hi A4. I'm so glad that you are learning about the worm farm! They are going to help us grow our vegetables and then we can eat them up (the vegetables, not the worms).
Miss Mac

Eli said...

That was a good story Makaveli.

Ayush and Joshua said...

I like Makaveli and Hemakshi's video.