Thursday, November 11, 2010

Nanas has landed!

Nanas arrived from Christchurch this morning along with letters from his class.

The package arrives
Nanas is revealed!
Nanas meets Stu
Nanas checks out A4

We decided to write letters to Nanas to introduce ourselves. Here is a video of Amy, Eli and Hayden reading their letters.


Helen said...

What nice letters you wrote to Nanas. I can see from the pictures that you gave him a great welcome, but Stu looked a bit scared.

Miss Mac said...

Hi A4, we are so happy to have Nanas here. I thought your letters were great, you told Nanas the important things about yourself. I bet he feels very welcome in A4.

Room A4 said...

Nanas is having so much fun. He has gone to the library this morning to find some books about gorillas.

Hemakshi said...

I think nanas will have a good holiday with us.

Eli said...

When is Wally coming back?

Sharon said...

Please don't take away Nanas becase Nanas is really nice to us.

Alofa said...

Nanas is going to see Christchurch on the big TV in the library on Monday.

Anonymous said...

Hi Eli
That was a great story!!!

Christina Sobolewski said...

Hi there to A4,

My name is Christina Sobolewski and I am from Dr. Strange's EDM 310 class at the University of South Alabama in Mobile, Alabama.
Your letters to Nanas are fantastic. I think you guys did a great job welcoming him to your class room.