Saturday, November 13, 2010

What Happened Next?

Did you see this picture in the NZ Herald this week? We couldn't stop talking about what happened to the baby elephant.

Sharon and Maleeha wrote stories about what they thought happened next.


What do you think might have happened? Leave a comment.


Room A4 said...

That was such an exciting topic and A4 wrote some fantastic stories. I thought you read your story very clearly and fluently Sharon, well done. You are right Maleeha, the baby elephant would have been very happy when it escaped from the crocodile's jaws!
Miss Lepou

Helen said...

Ow! that must have hurt the baby elephant, imagine having your nose pulled by a crocodile.
You guys are getting so good at reading your stories aloud.

MrsWatson said...

Wow! How did it escape?
Did the baby elephants Dad come and scare the crocodile away?
What an amazing story!

Bill said...

That was cool!

Hayden said...

the elephant could still be alive if a crocodile pulls its trunk.

Alofa said...

How did the crocodile get there so fast?


Great story! Sharon, your thoughts could be very true and so could yours Maleeha. You guys are really thinking it through, good job. I think maybe the baby elephant's family came to the rescue and helped pull the baby elephant away from the crocodile's mouth. Very interesting story!

Mihi said...

Why did the elephant come to the crocodile?

Zaraa said...

I like your story Rani, because it
was cool.

Ms Mulrennan said...

A1 children also wrote stories about the elephant and the crocodile. some of them wanted to share.
Lolo wrote: The elphant got away but he now has a long nose.
Ubaid wrote: The elephant swings the crocodile up and down.