Thursday, February 10, 2011

Computer Art

It is a new year and many of us are learning a lot of new computer skills. We are eagerly awaiting the arrival of Kid Pix at our school. So we have been practicing using the computer to create illustrations. We also had to try and type our name on our pictures. Here are the results.


Richmond Primary School said...

I love these wonderful drawings. My class uses KidPix nearly everyday. We will post some of our drawing one day soon. Keep up theh good work. From Room 14

Miss Lepou said...

You did such a great job A4. I can't wait for Kid Pix to arrive.

Miss Mac said...

Hi A4, your pictures looked great. I loved how bight they were. Was it hard for you to draw them? Maybe you could come and show the children in a3 how to draw pictures on the computer.
Miss Mac

Learning Together said...

Fantastic pictures A4. You are learning so many wonderful things. Was it hard to type your names and find all the letters on the keyboard?
Have fun
From your friends Prep K and Mrs Kennedy

Rachael, Loveday's Mama said...

Great pictures everyone. Loveday, are you flying in your drawing??!