Thursday, February 3, 2011

Counting to 10!

Today was our first day back at school! It was great to be back. We played a lot of number games and made some new numbers to put up on the wall to help us with our mathematics. Here is a video of the new students in A4 and the numbers they made. You might recognise some of the students from last year.


Anonymous said...

Welcome Back A4!

You all look very happy to be back at school. We are so happy to see you! Your numbers are awesome! How did you make them? Did you use chalk, or oil pastels, or crayons? We look forward to following your learning this year!

Your blogging pals,
The Kind Kids

Room A4 said...

Hello Kind Kids! Happy New Year. We are very excited to be back at school. We used pastels to colour our numbers in. Thank you for your comment.

Helen said...

Hi A4,
Nice to meet you. I can see by the great numbers you did that you are going to have lots of fun this year.

Miss Mac said...

Hi A4, you did great work on the numbers, I've seen them in your classroom and they look awesome.
Miss Mac

Anonymous said...

Hi Miss Lepou and A4
We like your new video about the numbers.

Rani said...

I like you video and I like how you have coloured your numbers.

Armaan said...

Hi A4
I like you video and your numbers. I like your colourful numbers.

Room A4 said...

Hello Sharon and Rani!
How is your new class? Miss Mulrennan has told me what great helpers you are. We miss you a lot. Don't forget to visit us!

Miss Lepou