Friday, March 4, 2011

Mucking In

We put compost and sheep pellets
 on the soil.
On Thursday afternoon, A3 and A4 planted all of the new plants that Ms Mulrennan bought for us. We were so impressed with how the children planted the plants all by themselves.
We leveled the compost and pellets with rakes.
We also planted
lots of flowers.
We planted lettuce, cabbage,
bok choy and corn.

Look at all of the plants!


Room A4 said...

You guys worked hard. Miss Mac and I got to sit back while you planted the plants by yourselves.

Miss Lepou

Helen said...

Good on you guys what great work. I like the way you plant flowers and vegetables together. Can I come and have a look at your garden one day?

Ms Mulrennan said...

I saw you out there digging the garden and planting the new plants. I am very impressed with how the garden looks and can't wait to see the plants grow.

Room A4 said...

You can come in anytime Helen. A lot of us haven't met you yet.

Stu the rabbit said...

Great job A4, maybe you could let me out of my new hutch to have a closer look. I won't eat any of your plants...I promise...

Chester the guinea pig said...

If I was you I wouldn't put Stu anywhere near that garden.

Please don't tell Stu I told you that!

Shivaansh said...

looks like hard work A4 and A3. you did a great job!

Mrs C said...

Loving your new look blog A4 - it looks really cool. I think your garden looks amazing and I can't wait to see all the plants grow. The library has two new gardening books which might give you some more ideas.